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College is expensive enough! Now you can SAVE UP TO 65% on your prescription drugs with the CampusRX Card®. Just print your Card right from this page and start using it immediately.

Show this card to your pharmacist and you can get CASH SAVINGS of up to 65% on FDA-approved medications at more than 50,000 pharmacies across the United States including... Walmart, TARGET, Walgreens, Safeway and most independent pharmacies. There are no fees or charges-and it never expires!

Who Can Use the Card?

As a College Student you
and your entire family
can SAVE UP TO 65%
on prescriptions
from more than

across the U.S.

Here's How To Use Your Card

  1. Get a written prescription 
    from your Doctor.
  2. Plug in your zip code to find the pharmacy closest to your college using our
    Locate a Pharmacy
  3. Show your NEW CampusRX Card® at the Pharmacy and… SAVE….SAVE…SAVE.


When you register, you can download this important booklet, Protecting Your Health & Well-Being While at College.

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